The ELBIT KRAKÓW Company has the pleasure to present you the offer of cooperation as regards galvanic coatings.

Our many years of experience in specialist galvanic coatings as well high qualifications of our experts have enabled us to rise to even the most elaborate requirements of our customers, while at the same time we can guarantee that the prices of our services are competitive.

The recipients of our services include numerous companies from various branches of industry. Among the most important of them are the companies from the following industries: power industry, electronics, telecommunication, automotive industry, military industry, jewellery industry, automatics, and many others


Meticulous inspection of technological regimes and of the quality of coatings guarantees that we fulfil even the highest requirements of our customers. To meet the growing requirements of our customers we continuously expand the range of our services and take care to offer our customers the highest quality services.

We hope that you will find our offer interesting.

Apart from the whole range of conventional coatings we also offer rare services. The examples of such technologies include:

  • the galvanic gilding of surfaces of connectors with the technology of selective coatings
  • technical silver plating with metallic sheen and passivation
  • hard anodizing and colouring of aluminium
  • bright nickel plating
  • bright tin plating
  • nickel-plating and gilding of printed circuits in chemical and galvanic bathes
  • gilding of stainless steel
  • iron plating
  • rhodium plating